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Pilot Supplies

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  1. Quick view Classic Ear Plugs

    Classic Ear Plugs


    Slow-recovery PVC foam provides comfort with low pressure.
    - Soft polymer foam expands in the ear for a custom fit.
    - Will not absorb moisture and swell. Maintains comfort, fit and recovery.
    - Classic Plus Earplugs are longer and can be inserted deeper into the ear canal for greater noise reduction.
    - Un-corded and packaged in a pillow pack.
    - Classic has an NRR of 29 dB, while the Classic Plus has an NRR of 33 dB.
    - CSA class A(L). Learn More
  2. Quick view Small Yoke Clip

    Small Yoke Clip


    Fits Aeronica, Commander Lark, Beech Duchess, Skipper and Sundowner, Bellanca, Cessna 140, 150, 170, and early 172/182, Grumman singles, Mooney, Vanion, Piper Colt, Tripacer and early Cherokee, Stinson, Taylorcraft, and Yankee. Lifetime Guarantee. Learn More
  3. Quick view Large Yoke Clip

    Large Yoke Clip


    Fits Beech Queen/King Air, Bonanza & twin, Travel Air, Baron, Duke, Sierra, Debonaire, Cessna twins and late singles, MU-2, Aerostar, Piper twins and late singles and Rockwell singles. Lifetime guarantee. Learn More
  4. Quick view Little John Urinal

    Little John Urinal


    This is an ideal tool for every person on the go when restroom facilities aren't available. No more unscheduled plane landings. Learn More



    A new Flight Planner Pad from ASA allows for either domestic or international flight plan filing using a single form. In a move to simplify the process and align U.S. flight plans with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards, the FAA is proposing that beginning October 1, 2015, all domestic and international flight plans be filed using the ICAO format. The front side of the flight planner sheets provide for input of preflight information such as planned course, altitude, predicted winds, en route checkpoints, compass headings, estimated times, fuel, navaid frequencies, and terminal information---field elevation, runway information, and communication frequencies. The back side includes a preflight pilot checklist, weight and balance computation table, PIREP guidance, and the ICAO flight plan format. The ASA Flight Planner Pad is perfect for gathering the necessary preflight and enroute information to ensure a safe, successful flight. Learn More



    Sold in 4 pads of 25 (for a total of 100 covers). These round pads are white with a light blue ASA logo, and fit any aviation instrument. Perfect for partial panel practice, or jotting down quick notes. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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